Dryer Vent Cleaning


Did you know that debris collected in the dryer lint can get past the screen and eventually clog the dryer vent? In an era where fire-related incidents are becoming increasingly common, a choked dryer vent is nothing short of a ticking time bomb. According to data revealed by the US Fire Administration, the country witnesses close to 13,000 incidents of clothes dryer fires annually with uncleaned vents being the number one contributing factor. Not just fires, a choked dryer vent causes a host of other problems such as mold proliferation, carbon monoxide buildup, and extra energy use.

Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning, the leading brand in ducts and vents solutions, has been advocating the importance of dryer vent hygiene for several years and is one of the few firms in Buckeye, AZ that offers comprehensive dryer vent cleaning services to homeowners. You can reach out to us on 623-266-6955 to avail our services.

Why you can never ignore a clogged dryer vent?

It’s highly unsafe: Over a period of time, lint (short fibers of yarn and fabric) accumulates in your dryer vent and restricts the flow of air from the dryer to the vent outside the house. This can cause your dryer to overheat which can lead to a fire. Plus, since lint is combustible, even a minor spark or wiring mishap can easily start a blaze. Getting rid of the lint or any other debris will reduce the chances of a fire-related incident.

It is unhealthy: When lint blocks the air flow, the area gets moist and humid and becomes a breeding ground for mold growth which can spread to other areas of your house. Plus, those with a gas dryer are at a risk of a deadly carbon monoxide leak since the clogged vent impacts the ventilation system. Regular cleaning of air ducts eliminates the risk of any fungal build-up or accumulation of airborne contaminants.

It can compromise your dryer’s efficiency: A choked dryer vent can impact the level of heat your system uses to dry clothes. This high temperature can damage your clothes. Plus, prolonged exposure to heat can also affect the components of your dryer, which may end up failing after a certain period of time. Keeping your dryer vents clean will ensure that your dryer does not overheat or waste extra power.

Three signs that your vent is choked

  1. Excessive lint left behind on the dryer or clothing
  2. Excessive heating or frequent shutdowns
  3. Longer than usual time to dry clothes

Call Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning at the first sign of trouble:

We have a team of highly-trained experts that uses modern equipment to thoroughly clean your dryer vents and ensures that not even a single fabric of lint is left behind once its through.

We will use advanced vacuum equipment to remove the caked lint and debris accumulated on the dryer vent. We will also inspect the vents to identify any other problems areas which can restrict the flow of air such as elbows, bends, and crevices. Plus, to ensure that your vent is free of bacteria, fungi or any other harmful contaminants, the experts from Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning will decontaminate the vent and install pest-proof covers to block all possibilities of future invasion.

Our dryer vent cleaning services include:

  • Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning Buckeye, AZ 623-266-6955Visual Inspection
  • Measurement of vents
  • Removal of debris and clog
  • Sanitization
  • Booster Fan cleaning
  • Lint Screen cleaning
  • Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

And more

Don’t fall victim to a fire caused by a choked dryer vent. For regular cleaning and maintenance services in Buckeye, AZ area, call us now on 623-266-6955.