Air Duct Sealing

Recently, a family had started experiencing an annoying issue with their air conditioner - the system was hardly effective and yet their energy bills were through the roof. At first, they thought the problem must be with the unit itself and got in touch with a local AC firm. However, the technicians told them that the unit was perfectly fine. They tried another firm and got the same answer. However, one fine day, they stumbled upon Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning’s number and called our air duct specialists to get their ductwork inspected. Voila! The source of the problem was detected within minutes. We found that their ductwork system was not installed properly and riddled with leaks and fixed the issue within a day.

Air ducts are conduits that are used to move air through the house - think of them like your plumbing system that transfers water to different parts of the house. Leaky, poorly-fitted and hole-ridden ducts can cause the air to escape and take a toll on your HVAC system. Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning offers air duct sealing services in Buckeye, AZ area to plug the holes in the system to prevent air loss and boost the efficiency of your air conditioner. Give us a call on 623-266-6955 today!

How to tell if your air duct is properly sealed?

Ductwork system is an intricate network of tubes that are spread throughout the house. Even if you manage to access them somehow, it will be impossible to find the root cause of the problem without the help of advanced tools and expertise - that’s a task best left to the professionals. However, there are some tell-tale signs of poorly insulated or leaky ducts that you must watch out for:

  • Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning Buckeye, AZ 623-266-6955Your energy bills have suddenly shot up without any valid explanation
  • It takes longer than usual time for your HVAC system to heat or cool the room
  • The rooms in your house feel stuffy all the time
  • Your ducts appear to be kinked, crushed or twisted
  • Your ducts are located in the basement, garage, attic or crawlspace
  • If you have noticed any one or several of these signs, there’s a high probability that there is something wrong with your ductwork.

air duct leaks - Detection and remedy

According to a recent finding, leaks, holes, and poorly-installed ductworks can cause a loss of as much as 20-30% of the air that moves through the system. The common causes of air duct problems are:

  • Leaky, torn and disconnected air ducts
  • Multiple bends in ductwork which restrict airflow
  • Leaks at furnace and filter slot
  • Registers and grills that are not sealed properly

With the help of advanced inspection tools, Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning experts determine the HVAC system’s supply and return air balance. After identifying the leaks, we eliminate the issue by sealing the problem areas. Furthermore, we also insulate unconditioned spaces to block any heat loss and boost the efficiency of your HVAC system.  

Having worked on countless projects through the years, our experts have developed a sound technical understanding as well as intuitive knowledge of ductwork systems. In fact, while most other firms will take several hours, if not days, to remedy the issue, our experts will finish the job in just a fraction of that time.

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Do you suspect that a leaky or poorly-connected duct might be the reason behind your high energy bills? If you live in Buckeye, AZ area, get in touch with Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning right away and we will remedy the issue in no time! Dial 623-266-6955 today!