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Whether it’s peak summer season or the chilly winters, your HVAC system works throughout the year to create a comfortable indoor environment. A key component of this system is a duct, which is basically an air distribution network that functions with the help of a series of tubes. However, improper duct installation, leaks in ductwork, or contaminants in the heating/cooling system can severely impact the performance of your HVAC unit and turn the air in your house toxic. Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning is a professional firm with an expertise in installing, repairing and cleaning air ducts and is known for its speedy response time, efficient solutions and easy-on-the-pocket rates in Buckeye, AZ area. One call to 623-266-6955 is all it takes to avail top-quality services.

We cater to:

Residential clients

As per data revealed by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, the air ducts in an average house with six rooms collect as much as 40 pounds of debris which includes dust, dirt, and allergens. In a separate finding, a recent study showed that about 20-30 per cent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaky or poorly connected ducts. These figures clearly indicate the importance of regular duct cleaning and maintenance. Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning is a trusted residential air duct service that offers all these services, apart from helping homeowners maintain healthy air quality. Plus, our experts also offer dryer vent cleaning services to remove harmful contaminants and lint that get trapped in the vent over a period of time.

Commercial clients

Our experts provide cleaning of HVAC system air ducts to prevent loss of energy due to the presence of air contaminants in your air ducts. We can install or replace air ducts in your facility and ensure that unnecessary leaks are not affecting the health of your HVAC system. Moreover, we also provide expert guidance to commercial facilities on improving the indoor air quality to create a healthy environment for employees as well as customers.

Air Duct Cleaning

Most of us have fallen for this common misconception that the air we breathe inside our homes is much cleaner compared to that outside. Here’s a reality check - the US Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air pollution levels are at least 2 to 5 times higher compared to outdoor levels. Hence, the “clean” air in your house or office may actually be teeming with dust, pollen, allergens, and bacteria, which are very dangerous for human health. Plus, an unclean air duct can further deteriorate the air quality, making the situation much worse by putting the health of you and your loved ones at high risk. Prolonged exposure to such air can lead to allergies, respiratory illnesses, lung diseases, and even cancer. Has it been a long time since you got your air duct cleaned? It’s time you call the Buckeye, AZ’s most trusted air duct service firm – Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning -  to take control of the situation.  All you need to do is dial 623-266-6955 and we’ll be at your doorstep in less than 20 minutes. Click here to read more...

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that debris collected in the dryer lint can get past the screen and eventually clog the dryer vent? In an era where fire-related incidents are becoming increasingly common, a choked dryer vent is nothing short of a ticking time bomb. According to data revealed by the US Fire Administration, the country witnesses close to 13,000 incidents of clothes dryer fires annually with uncleaned vents being the number one contributing factor. Not just fires, a choked dryer vent causes a host of other problems such as mold proliferation, carbon monoxide buildup, and extra energy use. Click here to read more...

Air Duct Sealing

Recently, a family had started experiencing an annoying issue with their air conditioner - the system was hardly effective and yet their energy bills were through the roof. At first, they thought the problem must be with the unit itself and got in touch with a local AC firm. However, the technicians told them that the unit was perfectly fine. They tried another firm and got the same answer. However, one fine day, they stumbled upon Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning’s number and called our air duct specialists to get their ductwork inspected. Voila! The source of the problem was detected within minutes. We found that their ductwork system was not installed properly and riddled with leaks and fixed the issue within a day. Click here to read more...

Air Quality Services

How safe do you think the air inside your house really is? Most people think it is relatively cleaner than the air we breathe outside. Unfortunately, several recent surveys have suggested otherwise. The air quality of homes or offices in Buckeye, AZ can be just as bad as the quality of that outside, if not worse. In fact, the air you are breathing right now is probably infested with allergens and harmful bacteria. While it is hard to tell exactly how bad the air really is in the absence of measurement devices, it won’t be far-fetched to assume that it’s poor enough to have a direct impact on human health, particularly on people living with respiratory issues or asthma. Air quality dips further in larger confined spaces, such as offices, and may lead to productivity issues apart from taking a toll on the health of employees. Click here to read more...

Air Duct Installation

Whether you are constructing a brand-new house or planning to remodel your old one, installing a new air duct would be at the top of your priority list. Air duct installation is a challenging task which involves designing and planning, choosing the right material, installing the plenum, main trunk line, branch runs, returns, etc. In short, it’s a task best suited for a professional firm with years of field experience and technical knowledge. If you are looking for highly-rated AC installation services in Buckeye, AZ, Buckeye AZ Air Duct Cleaning is the answer!Click here to read more...